Get Started

How to get started at AVA Pilates.

Get Started

Are you new to Pilates and AVA Pilates Studio?

Or it’s just been a long time since your last Pilates session and now you need a brush-up to get back into it?

 At AVA Pilates Studio, we offer a “New Client Intro Package” to help you get the most out of your practice.

The “New Client Intro Package”: for only £173.00

Pilates exercise has many benefits, but only if done correctly. It’s important that you start off right and that’s why we have created this unique package.

1-1 Pilates sessions provide you with the most in-depth knowledge with respect to understanding how to efficiently strengthen your core, improve posture and increase flexibility as well as understand the mechanics of the reformer and various pieces of pilates equipment. The most effective way to focus on your individual needs, concerns or injuries is through our Private Pilates sessions. We want you to start here so that you get the most out of your sessions, whether you continue with privates, group reformer classes. You won’t be disappointed.

Package includes:

3 x Privates (60 min)

2 x Group Reformer Classes

1 x Any Single Class which could be either Matwork with props or any reformer combo i.e Cardio Tramp & Tramp, Mat & Reformer, Tower & Reformer… 

You have 1 month from the purchase date to use this package.

Want to ‘Get Started’ with our New Client Intro package?

Want to have a look at all the classes we offer instead?

Go to Mindbody – our online booking system, to begin.